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Monthly Timesheets

Capture all workers timesheets easily and effectively!

Our web based system allow you to capture all workers hours worked. This information is used to calculate the pay slip and UIF contributions. Once the information has been captured, you can lock the information permantly. Information is kept for the prescribed legal period after a worker has resigned, before it is deleted. All information is printable for hard-copy record keeping.


Nothing easier to remain legal!

Our system will guide you in creating the correct legal documents required for a farm worker. Just fill in the details of the worker at the beginning of employment and download alll the required documents. You can upload the signed documents for safe record keeping.


Record Keeping

Don't loose and documents!

Our system allows you to upload any signed documents for safe keeping. Payslips are automatically added to the online safe storage each month. A complete history of all required documents are saved for you.

We also assist you in setting up the correct hard copy record keeping system, making it a breeze to find any document. You will be legally complaint if you follow our document system.



Need more help?

We have a great team of labour specialists who can assist you with any labour issue. Contact us and we will get the right person to assist you on a consultation basis. Our specialists range from Payroll Specialists to Labour Advocates.